Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Miracle ... Mario Molina #ClimateReality

'We have a moment globally and in South Africa to really determine what does a sustainable future look like," says Mario Molina on the iStart2 Show.

"South Africa is probably one of the most vulneraable countries in the world when it comes to the impact of climate change. Here we have a double opportunity to not only mitigate climate change, but also to create a growing economy and provide entrepreneurial opportunities through distributed use of power."

 Mario Molina is responsible for the design, strategic goals, and engagement programs for The Climate Reality Leadership Corps in the US and abroad. Mario joined the Climate Reality Project in April of 2013 and has spearheaded trainings for over 4,000 leaders in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, South Africa, Turkey, and the US.

We chatted to Mario about the pathways South Africa sees in front of itself, the impact of the Paris Climate Agreement, the benefits of carbon tax and the role that we can play in ensuring a future with clean renewable energy.

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Thought of the day:

Alert! NASA says Earth is warming at a rate "unprecedented in 1,000 years"

New data has confirmed that the Earth has been experiencing the hottest temperatures on record. The latest findings from NASA’s top climate scientists now reveal the world is heating up at a rate that hasn’t occurred within the past 1,000 years. According to NASA, the planet will continue to warm “at least” 20 times faster than the historical average over the next 100 years. Read more here

Turning Point: Breakthrough as US and China agree to ratify Paris climate change deal

“Just as I believe the Paris agreement will ultimately prove to be a turning point for our planet, I believe that history will judge today’s efforts as pivotal,” said Obama, who was speaking in the presence of the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, and United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon.

“Where there is a will and there is a vision and where countries like China and the United States are prepared to show leadership and to lead by example, it is possible for us to create a world that is more secure, more prosperous and more free than the one that was left for us,” added Obama, for whom the commitment is part of a final push to secure a green legacy for his presidency.

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