Friday, January 22, 2016

Conflict of the Heart ... Lucie Pagé

"It's not an easy country, but it is a fascinating one. I love it," says Lucie Pagé on the iStart2 Show this week.

She speaks passionately about her love for the earth and the arts. She is adamant that we have killed our values and that we need to go back and ask: "What is life about?" and "We must stop accepting bullshit. We just don't give a damn!" She's fierce and passionate about sustainability issues. 

"We have lost the plot in the World. But there is hope!
- Lucie Pagé
Lucie also chatted to us about joining hands across those so-called "barriers" like language, culture, race, religion, sexual and gender issues: "It is the fear of difference. How do we change?"

Lucie bares it all in her book Conflict of the Heart:
"One day, as I was hanging my washing outside, I came face-to-face with two armed men who trained their guns on me, their fingers on the trigger (Conflict of the Heart, page 139). I had great fears but I also lived great moments, perhaps the most incredible one of my career being Nelson Mandela’s inauguration as President. To live so close to this great man – he was our neighbour in Cape Town – and to have been such a close witness to his five years in the president’s seat gave me back faith in humanity."

"I wrote my first book, Mon Afrique (Conflict of the Heart) a book about the Mandela era (1990-1999) from the apartheid I lived to the birth of democracy I witnessed as a journalist, woman, White, mother of a child in shared custody between two continents, and wife of a minister, Jay Naidoo, in Mandela’s government."

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