Friday, December 4, 2015

Exclusive Interview with an Icon of the Nation ... Jonas Gwangwa

"Amandla is able to educate current and future generations of how history informs the present, and how dedications and aspirations of ordinary South Africans made such a big difference to their own lives and in the world and why they should take up the mantle," says Dr Jonas Gwangwa.

 "Music is Life" - Dr Jonas Gwangwa

Jonas Gwangwa is a very humble man. He cares deeply about his family, indigenous music,  our country and the future sustainability of musicians and artists. It is indeed a great privilege to honour one of the greatest sons of Africa as icon and patron on the iStart2 Show this week. 
We also chat to his son, Malose and daughter-in-law, Simanga Gwangwa about Amandla Cultural Ensemble that is on show at the State Theatre this week. "This is an identity piece," says Malose. " Our plan is to do a national tour in 2016."

Keitu Gwangwa, his daughter is also very excited: "I am so proud of this legacy. And I am excited about how it will inspire people going forward. Having seen where we come from as a country. Amandla is a reminder on how we got here as a people and a strong note to say...let us not drop the fist. Mobilise! lets fight on!"

Listen to an exclusive interview with Dr Jonas Gwangwa on the iStart2 Show

Thought of the Day:

4 - 5 December

State Theatre

Never before has a theatrical production applied such heartrending artistry in telling the truths of our history, whilst soliciting support the world over for our country`s freedom. An unprecedented historical and emotional experience awaits the South African people, for the first time on home soil: Amandla Cultural Ensemble: The Production.
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