Saturday, October 24, 2015

Afrikaaps ... Jitsvinger & Jethro Louw

Jitsvinger (Afrikaans HipHop Artist & Poet) and Jethro Louw aka Tanneman / Xam (poet storyteller, indigenous music improviser, instrument crafter, activist & community worker) joined us in studio this week. Jitsvinger aka Quintin Goliath is not only an accomplished wordsmith and lyricist, but also a skilled guitarist with a distinctly Cape style. Both of them have performed locally and internationally.

"If you love my vernacular expression, maak it aan"
- Jitsvinger on the iStart2 Show

We chat about the exclusivity of Afrikaans (Language of Liberation) and Afrikaaps (An Afro futuristic HipHop theatre production that takes the roots of the Afrikaans language back to the slaves and the indigenous peoples of the Cape). Jitsvinger shares his experience in being part of a rally call against oil companies' intent on drilling for shale gas in the Karoo with Frackattack, a hard-hitting song and music video that takes a stand against hydraulic “fracking”. 

"One doesn't only express oneself, you express the collective"
Jethro Louw

Pops Mohamed joins the conversation to chat about  the generation gap and together they explore solutions around creating inclusivity in Afrikaans and what we can do to create a more sustainable world. "You need to take a few steps backwards and discover your roots," says Pops Mohamed.

To listen to the show and some "jamming" in studio with Pops Mohamed, just click play:

Thought of the Day:

Frack Attack video by Jitsvinger

Have a wonderful week!

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