Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Free Falling ... Michele Nigrini

We chatted to well known and much loved South African artist, Michele Nigrini about her recent exhibition, her life as a painter and what it's like to live as an artist in South Africa today. "In Art you learn about life," says Michele.

"iStart2 make my own dried tomatoes"
- Michele Nigrini

Michèle believes that art is a medium for the elevation of the spirit, yet her work remains rooted in the experience of everyday life. She presents images of her own surroundings, symbolizing the sustenance she draws from the environment in which she lives: household objects, landscapes and the varied structures within it, plants, trees, stones, hedges, grass, the odd image of a fish or a cow, wind mill or a bird. View her work at here or www.michelenigrini.com
A visit to the moodswing exhibition at the Tina Skukan Gallery before 17 September is a must! 

To listen to the interview and some of Michele's favourite music by Karin Hougaard and Karen Zoid, just click play:

Thought of the Day:

iStart2 Ambassadors in the Netherlands

Spreading the message of the Kalahari San and our indigenous people of Africa, iStart2 Ambassadors, Pops Mohamed and Karin Hougaard performed in the Netherlands this week at Herman van Veen's Art Centre near Soest. (Pictures by Elize Zorgman and Jannes Fourie)

Pops Mohamed with Coenie de Villiers at De Paltz in the Netherlands.

Have a wonderful week!