Friday, June 5, 2015

Keep it real ... Matthias Matthee

The #iStart2SingFestival is done and dusted. Matthias Matthee, one of our MC's was in studio with Keitu Gwangwa to chat about the event, his environmental work in the Botswana bush and his time in the Big Brother house. "Never loose touch with your roots and who you are," says Matthias.

"iStart2 Keep it real" -  Matthias Matthee

Matthias, a world traveller who has visited more than 25 countries and also lived in England, New Caledonia, Switzerland, Botswana and the Netherlands. He makes leather accessories in his own business and describes himself as versatile, funny, ghetto, vibrant and blunt. Nature, family and tequila makes him happy and he is sure his family would say that he is, “the hippie, the creative one”. The achievement Matthias is most proud of is starting an indigenous tree nursery in Botswana where he grew and replanted 2000 trees.

To listen to his views on sustainability and his interview with Keitu, just click play:

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