Friday, May 22, 2015

Let's Share the sun ... Therina Wentzel and Bob90 & The Bino's

Under the African sun there is a place for everyone; South Africa’s diversity is her strength and it is something to celebrate. Join the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA) in celebrating diversity at the iStart2Sing Festival at Constitution Hill on 31 May 2015. 

"iStart2 make a difference" - Bob90. 
His band, Bob90 & The Bino's, performs "One of Them" on the iStart2Sing CD and will be on stage at the iStart2 Festival

The full day festival will showcase a variety of art forms including music, dance, performance, fine art, poetry and writing. The event aims to create the awareness that artists with disabilities can function and perform with mainstream artists. Top artists will join iStart2 Ambassador Pops Mohamed in embracing the spirit of solidarity and highlighting diversity, disability and sustainability. 

If persons with disabilities do not form part of our diversity thinking, then our society will not succeed,said Therina Wentzel: National Director NCPPDSA. Bob90 is adamant: "Appreciate me for who I am. Forget my disability, then you can see what I can do".

With the promise of entertainment for all, the iStart2Sing Festival will be great day out for families. Artists like Black Coffee, Jonas Gwangwa, Ntsiki Mazwai, Zubz The Last Letta, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Pops Mohamed, Sheraaz, Zain Bhikha, Bianca Le Grange, Joshua na die Reen, 2J, ITU, Somerfaan and TapTap are already lined up, with more to be confirmed in the coming week.  There will be performances by the Field Band Foundation and DJ sessions on the youth stage.

The Festival is also literally “sharing the sun” with a R450 000 donation of solar lights to various charitable organisations. This donation serves to improve lives and educate disadvantaged communities about renewable, sustainable energy.

“When we focus on creating a sustainable world, when we let it sing from every village and every town, from every city and every country, we will be able to join hands and leave sustainable footprints for our children,” says Pierre du Toit from iStart2 Global

Therina and Bob90 chatted to us on the iStart2 Show this week:

Artists, organisations, charities, the media, the disabled community, and people who are serious about creating a sustainable world for all who live in it are invited to unite, join hands and celebrate diversity, in what promises to be a remarkable event.

The iStart2Sing Festival is a collaboration between the NCPPDSA, iStart2Global, National Arts Council, the WakaWaka Foundation and ISeeYou. It takes place on 31 May 2015 at Constitution Hill from 10h00 to 20h00. Tickets cost R100 per person and can be purchased from or at the venue on the day. Artists wishing to participate should contact event management on (012) 667 5898 or or visit

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