Friday, March 27, 2015

Heard it through the Grapevine ... Brandon Ryan, Ben Overmeyer & Mncedisi Mpofu

How do you take your brand to the people? How do you use different media platforms to reach your audience? How do you help build a sustainable world in media? You get young, dynamic and energetic  media enthusiasts together and draw on their wisdoms, of course!

Brandon Ryan from LovePartySA shares his views on sustainability ("Eat an organic pizza", "Turn your tap off"), the industry and how they go about reaching target markets for specific campaigns. He feels it is important to see a better world ahead and that it only takes a small thing to change something: "You can't be angry at a party!"

 Mncedisi, Brandon, Keitu, Pierre and Benjamin

"iStart2 be a leader and mentor and share my skillset" - Ben Overmeyer
"iStart2 see a better world ahead" - Brandon Ryan

Ben Overmeyer and Mncedisi Mpofu from Gambit also spoke to us about their focus on creating, developing and producing new innovative intelllectual property for commercials, film and television. Lessons learnt as part of their Mzansi Mamela initiative reaches far beyond just teaching and exposing kids from disadvantaged communities to the endless possibilities in the world of filmmaking. "It is important not to be comfortable in your comfort zone", says Mncedisi. "There is so much one person can do to change the lives of so many South Africans".

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