Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Joy to the World ... Ryan Whittal & Nadiem Solomon

The planet faces a future of extreme weather, rising sea levels and melting polar ice from soaring levels of carbon dioxide and other gases. Only an unprecedented global effort to slash emissions will turn things around. Starting to work on solutions in the workplace should be on the agenda of every organisation.

The ability to improvise is arguably humanity's most valuable skill and it gives human beings an immense advantage over every other species on the planet. The same is true for nations, corporations, teams and individuals who are able to harness these skills, conquer adversaries and prosper. 

Nadiem Solomon & Ryan Whittal

You may have watched the TV Show: "Whose line is it Anyway?" where the actors make-up lines and scenes on-the-spot from random audience suggestions? Workplace Improv is a methodology that utilises the same principles and techniques of Improv Comedy to unlock natural instincts in a team to think on their feet, improvise and solve problems creatively and effectively whilst enhancing communication, cohesiveness and focused action. We chatted to Ryan Whittal (TV producer, director, writer, actor and comedian) and Nadiem Solomon (Executive Coach, Conflict Management Facilitator, Entrepreneur and Business Consultant) about Improvising Sustainability and Workplace Improv.

To listen to the show and music by Herb Alpert and Three Dog Night, just click play:

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