Thursday, July 31, 2014

iStart2 Newsflash ... 21 Icons South Africa: Pops Mohamed

21 Icons is an annual collection of narrative portraits and short films by Adrian Steirn, who is one of Africa's pre-eminent photographers and filmmakers. It captures the essence of South Africans who, through their own ingenuity and extraordinary social contribution, have embraced the transformative power of cohesion and the fostering of dignity to make a sustainable difference to society.

Congratulations to our very own iStart2 Ambassador for being chosen as ONE of South Africa's 21 Icons Season II. Seen here with Adrian Steirn, Herman Mashaba and Albie Sachs. He is even wearing his iStart2 T-shirt ... talk about brand representation!!! Bra Pops Mohamed... You are THE MAN.

The intention is to inspire ordinary citizens to learn from, and emulate, the lives of these remarkable people. "I've met many people whose stories are incredibly powerful," Steirn says. "It's a true privilege to discover more about the human spirit and share these individuals' personal accounts, their positive character traits, and their propensity to influence and shape perceptions and transform societal norms for the better, impacting the communities around them.

"Visit the 21 Icons - South Africa website here.