Wednesday, March 19, 2014

M'Bifo ... Mbongeni Buthelezi

This man is unique: "I don't know of any artist in the world that does what I do. I wish I had four hands," he says.

Mbongeni Buthelezi Starts2
"The only thing I think of is plastic"

Mbongeni Buthelezi is an artist whose art is renowned for its distinctive, personal, and innovative style. For his artworks Buthelezi exclusively uses industrially produced plastic materials with various imprinting, making art from plastic rubbish. "I collect rubbish and create something beautiful from it. I collect something that has no value and give it new life. That's what we can do with ourselves and our lives". 

The use of such material shows Buthelezi's awareness of environmental problems. "I have to believe in climate change and what the experts are telling us." He is convinced that seeing his works and his history, people are able to realize that in South Africa there are many opportunities, too, and that it is possible to create a better live and a career out of nothing; making art would enable people to change their lives and to contribute something positive to the world.

Buthelezis works have been exhibited internationally, including the Museum of African Art in New York, the Goch Museum in Germany as well as the Prague Biennale

To listen to his journey, just click below:

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