Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Across the Universe ... Dan Schreiber

” I love Tea, bamboo, lotus, nature, people, water, architecture, the sun and open minds. I travel and share earth and soil regeneration ‘technologies’ , seeds, tools and ways of harmonic interaction. ” - Dan Schreiber

All the way from Byron Bay, Australia, Dan joined us in the studio on Monday.  He is a gardener, visionary, father, inspirational storyteller, speaker and lecturer,
a professional photographer, videographer and multimedia producer. He is a self-taught herbal healer, ecologist and landscape gardener with a forte for creative direction and vision.

Dan Starts 2!

Dan Schreiber chatted to us about "Growing Life", including growing local economies, food, housing materials, medicine and fuel. He describes this as the future of farming, quantum agriculture and the next level of Permaculture. 

He is incredibly well versed on the subject of the planet, earth and soil regeneration 'technologies', seeds, tools and ways of harmonic interaction. He travels around the world to share his  knowledge about organic plant growth enhancers which are on the cutting edge of increasing plant and soil biota health to support the flowering of human awareness via vibrational nutrition. Dan’s most recent direction is exploring systems of perpetual renewal and designing human interfaces to enable harmonic human communication, relationship and custodianship of the natural world.

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Growing life

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