Thursday, September 19, 2013

iStart2 Challenge Launch at the Soweto Festival

iStart2 is an initiative that strives to provide a platform where people can take hands across boundaries and connect to create practical solutions for a sustainable future.

It's about getting involved, creating awareness and inspiring people to change their perceptions about the way we live. Wouldn't it be great to be given the opportunity to paint a new picture of what the world we live in can look like?


With this in mind iStart2 is launching an exciting national art competition open to all South Africans aged 16 – 35. The competition will accept entries in seven categories of art including music, creative writing, dance, fine arts, applied arts and design, acting and multi media.


Artists are invited to express their ideas of how we can bring across the message of sustainability. The key sustainability concepts that artists are encouraged to highlight are:

• Water

• Waste

• Energy

• Health & safety

• People with Disabilities

• The Elderly

• Indigenous peoples

Finals in the competition will be held in 27 cities/towns throughout South Africa in 2014 with an event showcasing the winners.


But that’s just the beginning – there’s more excitement in store! The winning entrants are headed for even greater things. A 26-episode television series is planned to showcase our young artists, enabling the public to share in every moment of their inspiring journey.

iStart2 Challenge launch at the Soweto Festival

iStart2 is partnering the organisers of the Zindala Zombili African Music and Dance Festival. The major launch of the iStart2 Challenge takes place on 21 & 22 September at the Soweto Festival in Nasrec at 13h30, Johannesburg.

Join us for a day of Dance, Music and Song. Meet our inspiring Ambassador,  Samkelo Radebe (Gold Medalist Paralympic Games, Sports Personality of 2013) .

 " I don't want to sit back and watch other people change the world for me. If I can be a part of it to make a change, I want to be a part of it" - Samkelo Radebe


Performing a few of her songs on Saturday 21 September at the Zindala Zombili African Music and Dance Festival, will be fresh and sensational new artist Luanga Choba. She will also perform more songs from her album 'Luanga who?" at the iStart2 launch on Sunday 22 September at 13:30. She will be joined on stage by the popular Umoja Dancers. A South African celebration!

Luanga's hit song 'Nxae' together with songs by other great artisits such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Pops Mohamed, Ntsiki Mazwai and Bianca Le Grange will form part of the iStart2 compilation CD that will be available from end October.

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