Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I feel so strong ... PJ Powers (Part 1)

A date with PJ Powers. Something I have always dreamt about... and then, one day it all came true...

And yes, of course I felt a bit intimidated that I was going to be in the studio with one of the biggest icons in South African music. It is then that all those "what if" questions start running through your mind...

- What if she's just a spoilt diva?
- What if i go blank during the interview... ( and yes... it happened)
- What if she doesn't like my questions?
- What if we don't click at all?
- Will she take hands with iStart2?
- Will we pass the stringent criteria she use before deciding to take hands on a project? 

- Will she "make" the criteria WE set ... someone who does it with heart, someone who is realistic about the amount of work that goes into a project like iStart2... someone who "understands" the bigger picture...
- What if ... what if ... what if...

But this day turned out to be an incredible day... one of those days I will always treasure... There she was in the studio, beautiful, vulnerable but strong, happy, full of wisdom....  and humble... someone that does not only talk about sustainability issues, but someone who lives what she believes in. I can now understand why she continues to touch the hearts of so many people. Dreams do come true. And .... there is a difference between "goodness" and "greatness"...

To listen to the show just click "play" 

Dreaming of a date with PJ?? Then link with PJ on her official facebook page ... and yes... you may stand a chance to make your dream come true and have coffee & cake with her! So, 'like' PJ's page if you haven't already. There will be a draw when she has reached 500 fans and thereafter for every 500 new fans.

Visit www.facebook.com/PJPowersOfficial to 'like' and you and PJ could be sipping coffee together soon! :-)

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