Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Emergency Minutes to Midnight

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: " We have only one home"
Sietse van der Woude: " We as South Africans are taking climate change very seriously"
Prof Mervyn King: "Each one of us has to make a start on doing this. iStart2 is a very interesting concept and I hope it is very successful"
Arno Carstens: "Yes I am worried about climate change... what conditions will our children be living in? This is an emergency"
Somerfaan: "Music is a very powerful tool"
Ivan May: "People coming together for a cause"
Lewis Pugh: " When we protect our environment we will have peace... now is the time for peace"
Nadiem Solomon: " Why can't it be about growth"
Bheki Sibiya: "I encourage Mining companies and business at large to support the iStart2 initiative"
Chris Chameleon: " Let's start today... iStart2"

We also listen to Chris Chameleon's "Minutes to Midnight", Arno Carstens singing "Emergency" and Desertrose with their beautiful song " I am a Believer"

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