Saturday, March 24, 2012

iStart2 Vision, Mission & Values

A “Sustainability-Through- Arts” global movement
in which communities will participate
in re-imagining and implementing solutions
towards ensuring sustainable footprints
for our children.

To provide a platform where people can take hands across boundaries and connect to create and re-imagine practical solutions for a sustainable future. 
Using the arts to communicate in a fun and positive way that talks to the head
and hearts of diverse communities and inspire them to use their hands in
saving water, energy and waste 
Building bridges and form partnerships with world leaders, their foundations
and the networks supporting them 
People with “all abilities”, disadvantaged communities and Indigenous Peoples
of the world will form the core of the iStart2 movement interconnected with
Artists, Business, Government, The Media, Religious Communities, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Elderly Folk (and Old Age Homes)

Main Objectives for 2012

Inspiring 1 million people in South Africa to commit to saying “I Start 2… do one thing to contribute to a sustainable world

Contribute through massive and extensive marketing to the government’s goal of placing 1 million solar geysers in homes across South Africa and reducing the countries overall power consumption.

Committing to exchange a minimum of 24 thousand light bulbs with LED lights in each suburb across 45 towns & cities in South Africa.

Using our ‘iStar’ Arts competition to highlight sustainability projects of organisations that are already making a contribution to the lives of communities across the country.

Assisting ‘differently abled’ schools in 45 Towns across South Africa by generating funding for the upliftment of school facilities.

Contribute to the creation and imagination of new sustainable solutions for a better, healthier and brighter future across South African rural areas

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